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Last updated: 5/28/13 07:30CST

This is the second year The Constellations class at the Sundance School is participating in the Hug It Forward fundraising campaign, to raise funds to build more “bottle schools” in Guatemala. We believe schools play a major role in shaping environmental/global consciousness and behaviors that lead to long-term impacts that affect the future of our planet.

Participating in the HIF campaign has empowered our students to make a difference and is one step towards peace education. It’s been an amazing experience seeing their empathy and generosity.

This year, besides Free Hugs Week, collecting spare change and counting and adding it up in Math class, the students are also taking on the challenge of making their own eco-bricks (from bottles and wrappers we have saved) that they will build into something for the school.

Please donate generously today. Your money will go a long way in Guatemala. You can donate online safely and securely through Paypal, by clicking the button above.


How kids and communities come together to build bottle schools