Our Values

Our Core Principles

Frugality – Knowing how far just one dollar can go in some parts of the world, we work hard to minimize expenditure in all aspects of our activities.

Integrity – We are honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.

Accountability – We communicate openly and energetically, and actively encourage our supporters to hold us accountable.

Transparency – With Hug It Forward, what you see is what you get. We pride ourselves on keeping a close eye on every expense in our organization, and keeping account of every screw and nail used in the construction of a bottle school.

Community – We believe that spontaneous selfless interactions between a group of people generate far more beneficial outcomes for everyone than individuals acting selfishly. We believe in the power of community to change the world.

Sustainability – We avoid “quick fix” solutions. We invest in projects with long-term objectives that create perpetual benefits for humanity.

Mutuality – We form win-win relationships where everyone benefits. Volunteers get as much from their experience working with communities as they give.

Empowerment – Handouts do not help people around the world. We support people to develop the tools they need to create better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Participation – Hug It Forward is an organization powered by you: without your support we could not exist. We encourage everybody to share their skills and resources abundantly towards serving others, aligning with your passion.

Global Solidarity – Understanding our individual truths and needs brings us together to solve problems as a global community. Working together we can overcome problems that would be impossible to solve apart.

Our Core Values

100% Integrity – Has integrity to self and to others. The inner sense of wholeness deriving from honesty and consistency of character.
Accountability – Holding each other and ourselves accountable to our actions, our words and our highest potential.
Communication – Constantly seeking to communicate your truth at the highest level, and holding space for other to do the same.
Empathy – Settling into another person’s perspective and feeling it from their point of view.
Self-awareness – Always working to make yourself a better person, and striving to be more conscientious of your actions and thoughts.
Responsibility – Realize the impact of your position for Hug It Forward and for the world, and act appropriately.
People-focused – Holding people at their highest value, and seeing them as their full potential.
Efficiency – Makes the most of time, resources and energy. Time is our most valuable asset.
Simplicity – Understands that “less is more”.
One people, one love – Being aware of our oneness, and showing that through our actions.