Our Team

Board of Directors

Zach Balle

Adam Flores

Dave Watson
Chairman of the Board

Dream Team

Alberto Armira
Head Foreman

Vivi Calán
Community Support

Jarrett (Javi) Carpenter
Development Director

Andy González
Community Support

Gerson Guitz
Director of Bottle Schools

Luis Guzmán
Director of Environmental Education

Zohe Telón
Director of Community Development

Board of Advisors

Mike Azcue

Chris Barry

Scott Burrows

Janet Casteel

Bill Cohan

Gabe Cohan

Judy Cohan

Siggy Bataille Holbik

Carmen Mauk

Sherry Miller

Tricia Stevens

Kautia Vaden

Franklin Voorhees

Dave Watson

Mykell Winterowd


Zach Balle

Jack Bracken-Lobb

Carl Burrows

Adam Flores

Shannon Flores

Chelsea Glauber

Shannon McCluskie

Steve Murphy

Heenal Rajani

Kara Rijnen

Frank Sherrill

Sarah Sterling

Joshua Talmon


R.I.P. Jorge Guzmán

Jorge Guzmán, Hug It Forward’s much loved Director of Environmental Education, passed away tragically on Monday, September 9, 2013. His love of teaching and his passion for the communities of San Martín Jilotepeque continue to inspire us every day, and he will live on forever in our hearts.