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Completed on June 18, 2013

In Chuicotom, the school is the most overcrowded in the district with some of the lowest retention rates and highest class repetition rates. There are many factors that contribute to this, but after talking with the community, the parent committee, superintendent and teachers, all independently said overcrowding was a major issue. Having visited the community…

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Completed on February 8, 2013

The community of Guacachipol is a very rural village where families face the struggle of daily life. Being one of the furthest located communities from the municipal center, there is still no electricity and no running water. Guacachipol is blessed to have a close-knit and dedicated sense of community that has been fighting to promote…

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Update on Planned Bottle School Project in El Salvador (By M. Pantano)

Much has progressed since last year’s community meeting, where I first presented the idea of constructing a Kindergarten Bottle School for the children that live in Upper Candelaria.  Luckily the community was very much excited about the idea, and in agreement to make sacrifices needed to make this project become a reality. The first step…

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Update on a future Bottle School Project in Eastern El Salvador (by S. Fallon)

The school resumed classes last week, with a 6th grade for the first time since the school opened 3 years ago. Although the proposed 6th grade classroom has yet to be built, students will be taught in the primary school classroom in the afternoons . Currently, we have around 2,500 12 oz bottles filled. That…

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Peace Corps volunteers present bottle schools at El Salvador youth congress

Written by Michael Pantano, a Peace Corp Volunteer in El Salvador. On November 16th-18th, fellow Peace Corps Volunteer Shelby Fallon and I had the honor to participate in an international conference hosted by the environmental non-profit “Let’s Do It”.  The conference was hosted in the western department of Sonsonate, El Salvador bringing together delegates from…

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