Susan Stumph’s Bottle School Fundraiser!

How kids and communities come together to build bottle schools



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In June 2017, our family and some new found friends visited Guatemala to help build a ‘Bottle School’. We chose to work with Hug It Forward as we wanted to do something meaningful, sustainable, and life changing for the people we were serving. We were also impressed with Hug It Forward as 100% of the money donated goes to the cost of the materials and the schools.

We helped build Bottle School #110 in the rural community of Xecoxol. It was a Junior High school that will benefit 5 communities. We were so impressed with the commitment of the students and community to the project. Never have we seen such hard working, motivated children! We would go to lunch and when we came back the children were still working! We laughed that we did not dare put our shovels down as one of them would pick it up! It was surprising to see how hard they worked at the opportunity for a better life. The children and community were such amazing people and so welcoming!

Guatemala is a country in which the government is unusually corrupt and the rights of indigenous citizens are abused. One such right is the right to an education. Guatemala has the lowest literacy rate in the Western Hemisphere, aside from Haiti. The indigenous literacy rate is 40% and 79% of the population lives under the poverty line.

Ironically, obtaining an education is extremely important in Guatemala. It is the difference between living in extreme poverty and finding a job to better your life. By educating children, we can help them improve their lives and their community. We believe that these ‘Bottle Schools’ are a way of making a difference for these children as well as the world we live in. Not only do these schools provide a place for the children to receive an education, but using the bottles to build the schools helps to clean the environment.

We are planning to go back to Guatemala in 2018 to help build another school and would like to provide the funds to build that school. For $19,000 we can build a three- room school that would give multiple communities and multiple children an opportunity for a better life.

We welcome you to participate by donating to Hug It Forward. Every dollar will help make a difference. In addition, your donation is tax deductible. We cannot change the entire world, but if everyone did something, even something small, together we can make a big impact.

If you would like to support Hug It Forward, please follow these steps:

1. Write a check in the amount you’d like to donate and make the check payable to “Hug It Forward”. Please make sure you state in the memo line of the check that your donation is to support the “Susan Stumph’s Fundraiser”.
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Important Note: Hug It Forward is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization in the USA and your donation is tax deductible. Once the checks have been received by Hug It Forward, they will email a tax deductible receipt to you. Thank you!