The school in Xesuj currently has 4 classrooms made of corrugated metal, and 2 made of adobe. These classrooms were constructed after the earthquake of 1976 as a temporary measure; however, they are still in use today, and house the kindergarten and first grade students. The remaining classrooms are built from cinderblocks. The school needs the construction of 6 new classrooms, because the existing classrooms do not meet the basic educational needs of the students, and are not safe. Our intention is to facilitate the construction of two classrooms now, and to build a further 4 classrooms if the initial project proves successful. Xesuj means “below the serestinos”, which are thorny trees that grow in the middle of the community. Community members are engaged mainly in agriculture, and trading fruits and vegetables that they buy to resell. Construction on this bottle school started the week of 5/13/13.

Name of principal: María Isabel Hernández
Elementary School
Number of students: 362
Number of teachers: 17
Distance from San Martín: 3 km.
Population (approximate): 6,000
Classrooms: 2
Construction Started: May 2013