The community of Pachay completed two bottle classrooms with Hug It Forward in July 2012. It’s a community where the majority of the population speak Kaqchikel and practice Mayan spirituality. As the community continues to grow, there is a demand for more students to continue beyond elementary school to primary school. They are currently using the facilities of the elementary school, which is not a long term solution. The Mayor of San Martin has already provided funds to buy the land for the school, and the community members have collected 5,000 bottles and are now in the process of leveling the land. The new middle school would benefit not just Pachay, but 3 other communities too, including Panicuy, which is also the site of a Hug It Forward bottle school.

Name of principal: Roque Samuel Hernandez
Primary School
Number of students: 100
Number of teachers: 5
Distance from San Martín: 12 km
Population (approximate): 2,800
Classrooms: 2
Construction Started: July 2013