Nimtzituj is located in the municipality of Momostenango. It is one of the furthest communities from the center of Momostenango and is approximately and hour from the center on dangerous roads. The name Nimtzituj means the area of big wasps. This is a smaller community with only 44 children in the school but they do not have a proper building. Their ‘classroom’ was originally build in 1984 out of adobe (mud bricks). Once the student population grew, children had to receive classes outside as the students could no longer fit in the small classroom. With the new classrooms Nimtzituj will have an adequate space utilizing the old classroom in addition to the two new classrooms which will allow them to provide quality information that this rural community of 618 people can benefit from.
Elementary School
Bottle School Number: 58
Population (approximately): 618
Classrooms: 2