The elementary school in La Buena Esperanza is one of the biggest in San Martin Jilotepeque. However, most of the children that graduate from elementary school don’t have the opportunity to go to middle school, because they would have to walk 45 minutes to the nearest community. The school recently obtained the land to build 3 new middle school classrooms. There are currently three classrooms made out of adobe and corrugated metal sheets, and the teachers and parents are very concerned that the buildings are going to collapse soon. This new middle school will benefit not just La Buena Esperanza itself, but 6 communities including Los Cerritos and Santa Rosa, the sites of two previous Hug It Forward bottle schools.

Name of principal: Lidia Raquel Puy
Middle School
Number of students: 44
Number of teachers: 3
Distance from San Martín: 12 km
Population (approximate): 1,400
Classrooms: 3