The school in the community of El Molino provides education from grades first through sixth, and has 132 students. Pre-primary education is also given to 18 students. The school has 5 teachers for primary and 1 kindergarten teacher. The school has four classrooms for elementary school, and the preschool room was for many years a temporary structure made from tin.

The classrooms at the village's disposal were insufficient to meet the educational community which is growing. The teachers believed that they could provide a better education if they had the right conditions, so they motivated the community to collect over 6,000 bottles and inorganic trash to build their new bottle school. The school was certified by Peace Corps as a “Healthy School” in 2009, and has since worked with eco-bricks in small-scale projects.

The two new bottle classrooms were constructed in partnership with SHARE, a local NGO. The school in El Molino was also the first school which volunteers helped to build as part of voluntourism trips run by our partner organization Serve The World Today.

Location: El Molino, San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Elementary School
Classrooms: 2
School number: 15
Birthday: January 9th, 2012