Nick and Nancy’s Bottle School Fundraiser!

How kids and communities come together to build bottle schools

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Dear Friends,

For several years, our family had been looking for non-traditional volunteer opportunities. When searching these out, we found many with qualifications; medical, religious, or other similar restrictions. We also wanted a project that would be sustainable and long-lasting. We chose Hug It Forward because their programs fit our goals and are oriented towards the general public.

Bottle schools help the indigenous communities in at least two ways. First, most rural communities in Guatemala do not have trash services. Bottle schools use this trash (bottles, snack wrappers, etc.) as the building blocks and insulation for the schools, which helps with that problem. Second, as is usual in many developing countries, education is the key to improving future outcomes, both individually and among a community.

In 2017, we helped build a 3-room middle school in Xecoxol, near Tecpan. When we returned to the village 4 years later, the changes in the community were significant. The school now had 6 rooms (including a computer lab), an electric water pump, and bathrooms. The village had grown, at least in part due to the new school.

We enjoyed the experience so much that we returned to help with another school (in Rosario Canajal) in 2018. After that visit, we resolved that we were interested in fund-raising for a school. In late 2019, we reached our goal, and in early 2021, we were able to travel to Guatemala and help to build this school (La Cumbre). Several months later, after seeing the school open, we decided another school fund-raising was in our future.

Many people talk about “changing the world.” These schools are actually doing that, and your donations to our fund-raising effort help that process along.


Nick and Nancy


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