The school resumed classes last week, with a 6th grade for the first time since the school opened 3 years ago. Although the proposed 6th grade classroom has yet to be built, students will be taught in the primary school classroom in the afternoons . Currently, we have around 2,500 12 oz bottles filled. That means we need around another 13,000 of that same size. We also hope to incorporate 1.25 liter bottles into the project to cut back on the amount of 12 oz bottles needed. Currently we have around 20 of 1.25 bottles filled.

Because of the large quantity which is still needed, and a hopeful construction start date of late February early March, we have picked-up the work pace. The community is meeting at least once a week filling bottles for at least 2 hours, collaboration from the Pueblo´s high school students is being arranged so that they will come and fill with the community members for their graduation projects, and other high schools in the Department of Morazan are being contacted to help with the bottle collection and filling. All in all, the process is running smoothly and community members are excited and motivated to have their new 6th grade classroom!