Hug It Forward has been very blessed with enormous support from generous donors. Without a doubt, WorldVentures Foundation, along with hundreds of thousands of WorldVentures members and reps, has been an incredible support for our program. Many of the bottle schools simply would not be built if not for the WorldVentures Foundation.

At their annual event, United 2015, WorldVentures Foundation held a fundraiser where they sold T-shirts and mystery boxes, organized a text-to-donate campaign, and members pledged to raise money towards classrooms. We are thrilled that funds for more than 50 classrooms were pledged and raised at this single event! This will help thousands of Guatemalan children become educated, thereby encouraging homegrown solutions to poverty and lack of education all across Guatemala.
We wish all the reps and teams who pledged money much success in their fundraising efforts. From the communities, the children, and our team: Thank you and, of course, BIG hugs!