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How kids and communities come together to build bottle schools

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Dear Families and Friends,

I’ve been wanting to do volunteer work since 2019 and finally an opportunity came along through Hug it Forward and I gladly took it. I went this past August and it was truly inspiring. Why did I accept to participate in this project versus another? For so many reasons! For one, this project chose me because I was invited to join. In addition, my family and I place a very high value on education. I am also an early childhood educator. So you can see why i had to get involved and help out these children and their communities. This volunteer project is about helping poor communities build schools so it’s very close to my heart. Another important reason is the Hug it forward sends all the funds to Guatemala so it is spend on the actual projects. Finally, I chose Hug It Forward because their programs fit our goals and are oriented towards the general public.

Bottle schools help the indigenous communities in at least two ways. First, most rural communities in Guatemala do not have trash services. Bottle schools use this trash (bottles, snack wrappers, etc.) as the building blocks and insulation for the schools, which helps with that problem. Second, as is usual in many developing countries, education is the key to improving future outcomes, both individually and among a community.

I’ve enjoyed this experience so much that My friend, my sister and myself want to assist in building a 3 classrooms school and I know that with your help we will reach this goal. Because after my first visit in August I was resolved that I was interested in fund-raising for a school. So I invited my good friend Florangel Melo and my sister Ana Hernandez to join me.


Maria Hernandez


Hello I’m Florangel Mother of three I work as a community liaison.

Also, I have a program of health and wellness where I teach women to reach a healthy weight through eating well and finding the lifestyle they deserve by creating healthy habits and empowering them to create bigger things. My friend, Maria, is part of this great community of health & wellness one day she invited me to a mission trip. I didn’t know anything about it, but I say yes right a way. I was little nervous because this was not really in my plans and I have two young kids, but I made it happen and I’m glad I said yes! It was such a great experience to see how humble, happy, friendly, and welcoming this indigenous community was..I fell in love with them and was really refreshing for me because it reminded me of where I came from and how blessed I am. I also made new friends great people a lot laugh a really authentic experience Feed my soul with peace and joy.

Next time I want to bring my children for them to see the world in a very different perspective and the funds the generous hearts will help us put together to make one more school possible for the children of this indigenous community in Guatemala because education is the breach of greater possibilities to a better future.

Thanks, Maria for this great opportunity and “Hug it  forward” for such awesome mission let’s spread the love every were we go! We can do this!! Many people talk about “changing the world.” These schools are actually doing that, and your donations to our fund-raising effort help that process along.


Florangel Melo


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