Completed Schools


Completed on October 3, 2014

  “Chonoxte” means “place of cactus”. People in Chonoxte grow their own coffee, corn and beans as well as many different kinds of vegetables and fruits. Women weave their own “güipiles” (traditional blouses) that usually take up to three months to be finished. This project will benefit 80 students, 4 teaching staff members and 42…

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El Cimarron

Completed on September 26, 2014

This project will benefit the 92 students who are currently studying int he community of El Cimarron. Due to the community not having sufficient space, the children aged 4-6 are unable to study in school. The building of a 2 classroom bottle school will allow these young children to attend school as well. Elementary School…

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Completed on July 14, 2014

The village of Cambalcol has just 2 classrooms presently, which were built over 25 years ago. The current number of classrooms is not sufficient for the 110 students they have in their community. With the addition of these 2 bottle school classrooms, the children will have additional space to learn in a more comfortable environment….

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La Joya del Aguacatal

Completed on July 3, 2014

The community of La Joya del Aguacatl has three small classrooms. The classrooms are not suitable for students – they are too small, too hot and too dark. Ideally we would build three classrooms in the community, but they only have space for two classrooms. The community has already filled over 1,000 eco-bricks, and Jorge,…

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La Independencia

Completed on June 18, 2014

Before this Bottle School was built, the 5th grade class was housed entirely in a corrugated tin, make-shift shelter that was in one of the hallways of the school. This make-shift classroom affected two other classrooms and the natural light that was expected. There are 128 students, however due to the lack of proper classroom…

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San Jerónimo

Completed on June 16, 2014

Write up coming soon. Elementary School Population (approximate): 500 Classrooms: 3

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San José Las Canoas

Completed on May 16, 2014

This bottle school will benefit 206 students, 7 teaching staff members and 400 families in the area. People in Las Canoas grow their own coffee, corn and beans as well as many different kinds of vegetables and fruits. Women weave their own “güipiles” (traditional blouses) that usually take up to three months to be finished….

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Completed on April 21, 2014

The Elementary School in Chulin has 211 students. Before the start of the construction, one classroom was made up of corrugated metal. The youngest kids were using this classroom which got really warm during the day or really dusty with winds. Another two classrooms were being used in a meeting hall where it was divided…

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La Buena Esperanza

Completed on March 28, 2014

The elementary school in La Buena Esperanza is one of the biggest in San Martin Jilotepeque. However, most of the children that graduate from elementary school don’t have the opportunity to go to middle school, because they would have to walk 45 minutes to the nearest community. The school recently obtained the land to build…

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Palo Blanco

Completed on March 20, 2014

Palo Blanco is a very small community, and all the residents work in agriculture. The proposed bottle school project will benefit both the elementary school and the middle school. Fifth grade students in Palo Blanco are currently using a wooden shed as a classroom that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements; they will have a brand…

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Completed on February 14, 2014

Kindergartners in Candelaria do not have a classroom, and use a small shed attached to the principal’s office, which is very uncomfortable for both the children and the teacher. Because they lack a classroom, fourth grade students are being taught by one teacher whereas really they need to be split into two classes. A shed…

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Varituc 1

Completed on January 9, 2014

The fourth graders of Varituc do not have a classroom, and they are currently using a community hall as a makeshift classroom. Fifth grade students occupy two rooms that the community built, which are much too small and which trap heat, making the environment unsuitable for children to learn in. The construction of three new…

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Completed on December 20, 2013

The community of Pachay completed two bottle classrooms with Hug It Forward in July 2012. It’s a community where the majority of the population speak Kaqchikel and practice Mayan spirituality. As the community continues to grow, there is a demand for more students to continue beyond elementary school to primary school. They are currently using…

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El Refugio y La Rosa

Completed on October 31, 2013

The school population in El Refugio y La Rosa has been increasing year on year for many years. Because of this, community members have recently been using the principal’s office and the school’s kitchen as classrooms. The community came together to build a makeshift kitchen out of corrugated metal to replace the kitchen that is…

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Completed on October 18, 2013

The school in Xesuj currently has 4 classrooms made of corrugated metal, and 2 made of adobe. These classrooms were constructed after the earthquake of 1976 as a temporary measure; however, they are still in use today, and house the kindergarten and first grade students. The remaining classrooms are built from cinderblocks. The school needs…

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Completed on September 27, 2013

The community of Quimal (“Place of hay”) is 7 miles from the town of San Martin Jilotepeque. With 180 families, it is a relatively large village. Despite its size, the community has no “basico” (middle school) classrooms. There are 3 middle school teachers in the community, but they have been teaching in the health center…

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Candelaria, El Salvador

Completed on August 2, 2013

Candelaria, Sociedad is a small community in the eastern department of Morazán, located in El Salvador. During El Salvador’s civil war (1980-1992), Morazán was greatly impacted by the violence and fighting that took place. The devastation forced many of its citizens to flee their homes and seek refuge outside of the country, which has had…

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Completed on July 12, 2013

The school in the community of Chisunúc has 60 elementary students and 15 kindergarten students, studying in just 2 classrooms with 2 teachers.Most families in Chisunúc live in one-room houses built from wooden posts and/or corrugated metal, and less than 10% of the population are literate. The new bottle classrooms will also be used in…

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Completed on June 18, 2013

In Chuicotom, the school is the most overcrowded in the district with some of the lowest retention rates and highest class repetition rates. There are many factors that contribute to this, but after talking with the community, the parent committee, superintendent and teachers, all independently said overcrowding was a major issue. Having visited the community…

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El Retiro

Completed on June 3, 2013

Because of the great need to have two classrooms, two years ago the community of El Retiro approached the then mayor of the municipality of San Martin Jilotepeque. Unfortunately there was no support for building the classrooms. When the community followed up on the request with the new mayor, he told them about the possibility…

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Completed on May 10, 2013

This project has helped the people of Sepox I, Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala see their dreams of a new, fully functional school come to fruition. The two classrooms are to accommodate 40 students and the community members were very excited to work with Hug It Forward to make this happen. This project was overseen by…

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La Pedrera

Completed on March 7, 2013

The community of La Pedrera is excited about the completion of their first ever middle school classrooms. Before they started building the two new bottle classrooms, the school had 109 students, 3 teachers and no classrooms. Since the middle school’s inception in 2003, they have been sharing the elementary school classrooms, which are overcrowded and…

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Completed on February 25, 2013

The community of Patzocón is located in the aldea of El Molino, in the municipality of San Martin Jilotepeque, in the department of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. The school has 88 students in primary, 16 in pre-primary, and 5 teachers, with only 3 classrooms made of cinder-blocks. Currently the students are having to use one tiny dark…

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Completed on February 8, 2013

The community of Guacachipol is a very rural village where families face the struggle of daily life. Being one of the furthest located communities from the municipal center, there is still no electricity and no running water. Guacachipol is blessed to have a close-knit and dedicated sense of community that has been fighting to promote…

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Los Cerritos

Completed on November 12, 2012

Los Cerritos is located 6 miles away from the center of San Martin Jilotepeque. The word Cerritos means “little mountains”. This project benefits 59 students, 4 teaching staff members and 57 families in the area. The members of Los Cerritos speak mainly Spanish but some families still speak their Mayan language: Kaqchiquel. 90% of the community is…

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