Approximately 11 miles from the municipality of Tecpan is the village of Caquixajay.The principal of their school, La Escuela de Oscar de Leon Palacios, reached out to Hug It Forward with family signatures, as well as a community initiative to collect bottles for new classrooms. Caquixajay currently has 2 teachers assigned to 42 kindergarten students, and 13 teachers for 352 elementary school students.

Even though they have 16 classrooms, many of the rooms don’t meet the requirements for a stable teaching-learning environment due to poor ventilation, size, lighting and the capacity to hold that many students. Some of these classrooms were built too far from the rest which does not allow for easy access to communication, safety, and distribution of food. The community of Caquixajay would like to have 3 new bottle classrooms built to have the isolated students closer to the rest of the school.

Elementary School
Population (approximately): 300
Construction Started: July 25, 2016
Classrooms: 3
Bottle School: 98